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  • Comment from: gary
    02/16/18 @ 08:11:59 am

    The policy was established by executive action rather than legislation. So can why don’t President Trump rescind President Obama’s illegal executive action? Bye bye DACA.

  • Comment from: gary
    02/16/18 @ 08:06:46 am

    There is a great explanation about how we got to this point regarding DACA is at thie link.

  • Comment from: gary
    06/23/17 @ 11:10:26 am

    I just got two boxes or Eversafe MRE that are recently passed their use by dates. Will try them to see if they are still good.

  • Comment from: gary
    02/06/17 @ 09:25:29 am

    Not sure who shot this photo but it is awesome!

  • Nicol Sicard
    Comment from: Nicol Sicard
    10/14/16 @ 08:23:17 am

    Wow, I did not know that was all said about Ronald Reagan, amazing.

  • Comment from: gary
    06/18/13 @ 12:06:05 am

    There is so much we don’t know about this president. I was not aware of his comment about IRS audits but I am not surprised.

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    Daniel Hunkin
    Comment from: Daniel Hunkin
    07/20/11 @ 07:52:45 am

    Guess I was born to be a leader. Ever since, I have this capability of monitoring and managing a group of people. Every time I talk, they always seem to be intimated. They follow my instructions even without forcing them. I was always nominated and elected as a class president way back in school. I was always invited to attend leadership programs. And I was always asked to represent our school for every youth programs.

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    Comment from: bloggera
    10/02/10 @ 12:19:50 am

    If Reagan were alive today he would say ‘Out with that boy king’. “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty” Obama and his czars are making all decisions for us.
    Great post; funny too!

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    Comment from: Cindy
    09/12/10 @ 11:36:51 am

    This is perfect.

  • Comment from: admin
    04/02/10 @ 06:24:10 am

    Should we leave it up to companies and the free market to resolve the problem? oh, why would we want to do that when the Government can do it so much better? After - the unequal distribution of prosperity that we find in a free market system pales in comparison to the equal distribution of misery in the socialized system. Big depresses innovation and the competitive forces and NEVER NEVER create anything except dependency.

    So I say ? let the government do it ? that is probably the only way that the country will really understand the folly of this path we have taken. We could have easily looked to the socialist countries of Europe to see how NOT to do health care.

    Some wise person once said ?a government big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take away everything.? I wonder why most people think they have a RIGHT to the free labor of others.

  • W
    Comment from: W
    03/30/10 @ 08:57:20 am

    The horrific nightmare is the millions of people who cannot get the healthcare they need. To let other fellow Americans die or suffer from lack of insurance because of the ridiculous inflated prices - that most people cannot afford - is inhumane! Yes, there are lazy people who don’t try to get jobs and Expect to get taken care of and abuse the system. But there are so many hard-working people who just cannot afford to get the care they need! And crowding emergency rooms is not the answer! Just don’t think leaving it up to the insurance companies to resolve the problem will work. The first mistake is the insurance companies who do not provide preventative care. The lack of education on nutrition, exercise…. Should we leave it up to the corporations and insurance companies to take care of this? IT IS ALL TOTALLY MESSED UP!

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    Comment from: W
    03/30/10 @ 08:23:13 am

    Very interesting topic. It always amazes to me how much information there is for one to learn.

  • Johnny Pets
    Comment from: Johnny Pets
    03/08/10 @ 12:08:29 pm

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    Concerned Citizen
    Comment from: Concerned Citizen
    03/04/10 @ 12:34:47 am

    A close look will show that this current administration is full of such extreme liberal czars. This president is leading the country on a oneway path to destruction. I wonder why?

  • Comment from: gary
    02/25/10 @ 03:16:38 am

    Saplanined - Shara Kennel in New York.

    Caucasian - Ruski Izvor in Serbia. Echinus in Poland. in Texas.

    We can chat more about breeders etc on email or phone. Or just go over to or and post in the forum.

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    Comment from: sam
    02/16/10 @ 06:56:47 pm

    hi Gary,

    i enjoyed perusing your site.

    can you recommend a good breeder of either sarplaninec or caucasian ovcharka?

    …i’m located in canada, but will import from overseas givena credible breeder?


  • Comment from: Gary Sicard
    01/04/10 @ 12:49:08 pm

    By the way, most of them come out in the winter when they are stuck indoors and do not want to take their dogs outside in the cold weather.

  • Comment from: admin
    01/03/10 @ 03:01:38 pm

    Thank you - Yes it was quite cold. I really don’t like the cold weather much. Thanks again.