The Most Important Election

WONDERFUL AND URGENT EDITORIAL from Tim Day-don’t know him but agree with him and HOPE you’ll pass this along !!!!!!!

 I DARE you to read this. I BEG you to read this! But, be forewarned, there is something here to offend everyone. Heck, I am offended. Please don’t hate me when you are done.

I am becoming increasingly angry. I believe it is a righteous anger, but anger nonetheless. I am exhausted with the thinking of the Conservatives with respect to this election, and especially, exasperated with Christians. I have written and spoken extensively on this subject. But now, I am tired of ‘beating around the bush’. This is ‘gloves off’, ‘everything on the table’. My rant is politically incorrect. It is decidedly intolerant of opposing views.

 But, please follow me as I speak my whole heart and mind exercising what is left of my First Amendment Rights. While I value your friendship, hate me if you will; but, consider what is at stake. It is just that important. Our Nation, the Republic, is hanging in the balance. Billy and Franklin Graham both say, “This is the most important election in our Nation’s history”. Amen!


Let me open with a well-known joke, it makes my point. … A man is on his porch during a flood and a woman comes by in a boat and offers him a spot. He says, “No, God will save me.” The water rises and he moves to the second level of his house and another boat comes by with several people in it, and they offer him the ride as well. “No, God will save me.” Finally, he has to move to the roof and a helicopter comes by and drops a ladder. He waves it away and says, “No, God will save me.” Suddenly a rush of water comes by and the man drowns. He goes to Heaven and sees God and says, “I believed you would save me! Why did you forsake me?” And God says, “I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?!”


The question is, ‘what more do we want?’ Many Christians have been praying for decades that God would send us leaders that would stop America’s trend towards socialism. We have been praying for men who would restore the broken foundations of our Republic. Of late, our prayers have become more desperate pleas to stop the rapid march towards anarchy and ultimately the tyranny that inevitably follows. We have, as a Nation, with willful intent, removed faith from the public forum. In so doing, we have removed our only source of virtue. Evidence of this is witnessed more and more every day in the news as we watch the indications of this broken and fragmented Nation moving closer to the brink of anarchy.


Os Guinness says “Freedom requires Virtue; Virtue requires Faith; Faith in turn requires Freedom.” This he refers to as the Golden Triangle upon which our Republic rests. Our Founding Fathers were acutely aware of this truth. “Only a virtuous people are capable of Freedom”, Benjamin Franklin tells us. Our second president and Founding Father, John Adams would heartily agree, wherein he said, “Our Constitution is made only for a moral and religious people, and wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. We have sadly become a Nation for whom our own Constitution is wholly inadequate to govern. We are quickly becoming an immoral people in grave danger of losing our cherished freedom. We have “A Republic, if we can keep it”, Benjamin Franklin said. Can we keep it? We are on the brink of losing it. This election may hold the final vote.


This election is crucial. It may truly be our last chance to save the Republic. Untold numbers of Christians have been fasting and praying for America. It would seem that God has heard our cries. For, we have before us one more ‘last chance’. Another last chance that, in 2012, looked highly improbable. Yet, we are thumbing our nose at His apparent answer to our prayers. He has sent us Samson, but we are offended that he is a womanizing, hard talking, and violent man – and the hair, oh the hair. He sent us General Patton, but his rough demeanor and flowery speech offends us. He sent us another Eisenhower, but he doesn’t fit our definition of the Christian leader. Two boats and a helicopter!


Yet, I hear time and time again, “I just don’t know who to vote for” or equally disturbing, “my conscious does not allow me to vote for Trump”. Are you kidding me? Wake up! I feel like smacking some sense into them. Actually, that’s what this rant is about. Many are simply brainwashed by the conspiratorial media.


We are not electing the Pope, for crying out loud. Moreover, we do not need a pantywaist, pansy, Pollyanna, weak-willed, spineless Christian in the White House. We need a hard driving, man on a mission with the backbone and hardened will to clean house – to pull America back from the brink. Who better to clean house then Donald Trump? “Your fired” would be the best two words we could hear over and over for months following this election. Who better to take back the Justice Department, the IRS, the FBI, and on and on which have become the Gestapo agents of this Administration, than a man who is willing to clean house – to get the job done.


He may not be the ideal for many Christians, but he is CLEARLY better than the alternative. In fact, he is, I believe, God's answer to our prayers - an answer, as is often the case, none of us were looking for or expecting - the man " for such a time as this". I have for some time believed that God was up to something unusual in this election. Trump is unusual. He is beholden to no one. He needs no ones money; he cannot be bought, it would seem. He is strong willed and determined.


He is anti-establishment – I know, now I sound like a 1970’s hippie. And for that matter, why are they all against him given this obvious fact. I can still hear their barefoot beaded anti-establishment mantra. Just words, I suppose – as most are now Liberals pushing for big government and socialism; progressives they now call themselves. Hypocrites, I call them. But, now back to my subject lest I digress.

It became obvious that something was up when both parties began attacking Trump and plotting together, yes together, for his demise. It became even more abundantly clear when the talking heads from the Christian keepers of the moral high ground began telling Christians that they should not vote for him. Following the RNC their shameful clamor became louder, confirming to discerning Christians that something unusual is going on. God is at work, I believe. It is time that Christians get with His program.


If the story is true, according to James Robinson, Ben Carson, James Dobson, at. al. he may have even recently become a Christian. That would be another President Eisenhower story in the making. I pray it is true.


Regardless, this is probably the first time in my lifetime that ‘we the people’ selected our Republican candidate. Every election cycle the GOP establishment has handpicked the candidate and told us ‘this is your choice’. And, like sheep, we go “well, okay”. Not this time; hence, the rub in Washington on both side of the isle. This alone should be a good reason to support him. If the establishment running Washington is against him, I am for him.


But, in all the liberal-media noise created to willfully distract us and tell us how to think, we have overlooked something very important. This man is running on nearly all the things we agree with and have prayed for. He is for: defending our borders, restoring America’s sovereignty, lowering corporate and personal tax rates, creating real jobs, repealing Obamacare, bring business back to America, reigning in our bloated government, cutting Federal spending, defending the Constitution especially the first and second amendments that the liberal left finds so intolerable, repealing the Johnson amendment that has gagged our churches for decades paving the way for the liberal takeover we have witnessed; and he is also pro-life, pro-family as God defined it, for rebuilding our military, supporting our much-maligned police, defeating our enemies, rooting out terrorism, giving the people a voice again, restoring American exceptionalism, reuniting America, reversing Obama's egregious executive orders, and much more. He is a proven successful businessman who has raised a stellar family to boot.


This is all GOOD NEWS! We should be cheering. Instead we’re holding our noses and making jokes because the Liberal press told us to.


Furthermore, he is running on the most rock-solid Republican Platform in recent GOP history. It reads like a playbook for restoring America the Republic and morality to our Nation. The Democratic platform is more akin the Communist Manifesto. It is wicked and ungodly beyond words. It is at best, secular Socialism. Theirs is a plan to destroy the America God and our Founding Fathers envisioned. In my opinion - hold on to your chair - no true Christian can vote for the Democratic platform. For, you cannot stand against everything God is for, and for everything God is against and claim to be a Christian. To believe otherwise indicates a serious disconnect with God’s word.


Moreover, and maybe most importantly, he has promised to and produced a list of solid conservative Constitutionalist Supreme Court judges. This is the most critical issue facing the outcome of this election. One seat is immediately open, as many as 3-4 more could become vacant. Liberals are foaming at the mouth to elect Hillary so she can stack the court against those of us who hold the Constitution and Biblical morality dear. This, in itself, would be the undoing of America, as we know it. Our freedoms would be stripped in rapid succession.


Oh, but you say, “I am just not going to vote”, or just as bad, “I am going to vote for a third-party candidate”. Let me be blunt, as if I haven’t thus far, either of these passive, apathetic choices is a vote for Hillary and the Liberal Leftist agenda. I urge you to reconsider. Your children’s future may hinge on this one election. Hillary, another Clinton, would most likely be a devastating scenario for America. She is an avowed follower of Saul Alinsky, a radical hell-bent on the destruction of America. Her and her husband have time and again flagrantly made an open mockery of justice and abused their positions of power and wealth; wealth obtained from those most of us would consider our enemies. Her plans for America are heinous. Frankly, I am far more concerned with what she has done and promises to do, than I am about anything Trump has said.


Dietrich Bonhoffer said, “silence in the face of evil is itself evil, and God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” I agree. But, I also believe that 'not to vote, is to vote'. We will 'not be held guiltless. We will be 'accountable' before God. If just those Christians registered to vote, voted, we would have won landslide decisions in all recent elections.


While I pray that God raises up men and women worthy of our vote, I agree with Franklin Graham who said that “the right to vote in America is a God-given privilege; one for which we will be held accountable”. He says that we have a duty and an obligation to ‘vote, even if it for the lesser of two heathen’. If I can paraphrase, Bonhoffer, if he were alive today, I believe he would say, “not to vote, is to vote”.


Now is the time that God’s people would get involved in the political process, that they would register to vote, and that they would at least do the least they can do, and vote. Charles Finney said that, “God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take in politics”. We have not taken right course. We, in our apathy and indifference, have much for which we will be held accountable before God.


If only God's people would drink Samuel Adams less, and listen to him more. For in his own words he said:

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote … he is exacting one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his Country” – Samuel Adams

There is an evil at work in our Nation. An evil working to destroy that which God created; an evil agenda working through the hands of man, borne in the mind of the 'prince of the power of this air', himself. It is an evil that will destroy our Country unless we now stand against it. This election is the ugliest in recent history, and is likely to get much uglier. The reason is that there is a violent spiritual battle raging for the very soul of our Nation. The devil does not play fair.


Warren Wiersbe says, “no one is so blind as he who will not see”. We stand at a critical juncture in history. If we continue to drink the media Kool-Aid, thinking like we are told to think, we will look back on this election one day with 20-20 hindsight and realize God was at work, and we were too blind to see. Will we see before it is too late? I pray so. Abraham Lincoln said, “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher”. We stand in danger of being just that!


So what is to consider; what is there to debate, what is there to even pray about in this decision now. The time to pray for the right candidate was during the past four years. We have no other alternative now. This is not rocket science. We can stand in the way of Trump by voting for Hillary in one of three ways: cast a vote for her, vote for a third party candidate, or not vote. But, realize that: not to vote, is to vote. Likewise, the harsh reality is that a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Hillary. So vote, and vote for our only hope, our only choice, and what could be our last chance. Take the boat or the helicopter; it’s embodied in the same person ...

“that the government of the people, by the people, shall not perish from the earth” – Abraham Lincoln

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