The Fix Was In - Hilllary Clinton

The Fix Was In - Hilllary Clinton

The recent decision by the Director of the FBI not to press charges against Hillary Clinton should have come as no surprise for anyone who pays attention. All indications pointed to the gross mishandling and dissemination of classified information that could cause grave harm to the United States being swept aside to put her in the White House.

The attention placed on her gross negligence with the Nation's secrets has also swept several other transgressions off the table. The top one is her indifference to the incident at Benghazi and her complicit or duplicit involvement in killing Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans. After all "what difference does it make if a bunch of Muslims decide to go out one evening and kill some Americans."

Hillary Clinton is not fit to be President of the USA. She is a corrupt liar, who puts her and Bill Clinton's personal interests above that of the United States.

First, Bill Clinton had an impromptu “social” meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at an airport where both the planes happen to be at the same time. If Bill is a much reduced figure, he still has his unfailing instinct for the inappropriate. The confab was followed up with a report in The New York Times that Hillary might keep Lynch on as AG, as if to remove any doubt about Lynch’s conflict of interest.

Lynch then said that she would not recuse herself from the investigation and that she would follow the recommendation of the FBI.

The FBI interview with Hillary occurred on the Saturday of a long July 4th weekend, the best possible day for bad news to drop short of Christmas Eve. Immediately upon outlets reporting the interview, the FBI leaked that there would be no charges, disabusing everyone of the notion that the interview with Hillary was anything but an exercise in checking the box.

Finally, a mere three days later, FBI Director James Comey issued a stinging indictment of Hillary’s conduct in the email case coupled with a discordant statement of absolute opposition to an indictment. It came just in time for President Barack Obama’s inaugural joint campaign appearance with Hillary later that day.

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