Republican or Conservative

I often wonder if I am a Republican or a Conservative and now I have my mind firmly set.? I am a conservative of the Ronald Reagan type.? I believe in the will of the people to seek out happiness and prosperity, to control their private property, to retain more of their income and definitely to keep and bear arms (many, many arms).? I have listened to the boy king boldly scold, wag his fingers and lie to America - and the liberals cheer and the conservative grimace.

We have heard that the government will insure an additional 33, 000,000 people (not citizens) and it will not cost us anything. We have heard that we will build 150,000 miles of highway and it will not cost the taxpayer one penny.

If you are stupid enough to believe any of that, please do not read my site because there is no help for you.? Check yourself into an asylum! At least the health care is free there. Oh wait - nothing is free!? hummmm.. I know I am conservative, freedom loving, gun wielding, SUV driving, unapologetic naturalized American.? Put that in your pipe and smoke it, and while you are at it take the founders' red pill.? Don't know what that mean... see what I mean - check out that asylum.

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    Comment from: bloggera
    10/02/10 @ 12:19:50 am

    If Reagan were alive today he would say ‘Out with that boy king’. “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty” Obama and his czars are making all decisions for us.
    Great post; funny too!

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