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Excellent site!? Love the look; it's clean, easy to read with a nice color combination.? Your article on We must be Idiots is a great analogy of today's healthcare issues, and what a horrific nightmare it will be for all of us.? Thank you

The pictures are beautiful.? It must have been freezing outside--you are a TROOPER!!!!

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    01/03/10 @ 03:01:38 pm

    Thank you - Yes it was quite cold. I really don’t like the cold weather much. Thanks again.

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    03/30/10 @ 08:57:20 am

    The horrific nightmare is the millions of people who cannot get the healthcare they need. To let other fellow Americans die or suffer from lack of insurance because of the ridiculous inflated prices - that most people cannot afford - is inhumane! Yes, there are lazy people who don’t try to get jobs and Expect to get taken care of and abuse the system. But there are so many hard-working people who just cannot afford to get the care they need! And crowding emergency rooms is not the answer! Just don’t think leaving it up to the insurance companies to resolve the problem will work. The first mistake is the insurance companies who do not provide preventative care. The lack of education on nutrition, exercise…. Should we leave it up to the corporations and insurance companies to take care of this? IT IS ALL TOTALLY MESSED UP!

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    04/02/10 @ 06:24:10 am

    Should we leave it up to companies and the free market to resolve the problem? oh, why would we want to do that when the Government can do it so much better? After - the unequal distribution of prosperity that we find in a free market system pales in comparison to the equal distribution of misery in the socialized system. Big depresses innovation and the competitive forces and NEVER NEVER create anything except dependency.

    So I say ? let the government do it ? that is probably the only way that the country will really understand the folly of this path we have taken. We could have easily looked to the socialist countries of Europe to see how NOT to do health care.

    Some wise person once said ?a government big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take away everything.? I wonder why most people think they have a RIGHT to the free labor of others.

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