Breed Specific Legislation Ineffective?

Since I have been involved with dogs in the USA there has been the specter of Breed Specific Legislation hanging over our heads. You cannot help but be aware of this epidemic sweeping most western nations since it is in the daily news.

Typically the dog being described is one of the Bully breeds and most often reported as a Pit Bull. There is no single breed with the name Pit Bull but the term describes the different breeds that were bred for the "pit".? It is sad the any Bully type breed is branded as Pit Bull and splashed across the nation in newspapers and television. This increased media hype on a hype sensitive audience serves up an unflattering image of our dogs.

The instilled fear and trepidation created by biased reporting of incorrect information serves to damage many of the Molossers and put off potential owner and harden the resolve of current owners.

Please join as many anti-BSL sites as you have time for and take action against BSL.

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    Comment from: sam
    02/16/10 @ 06:56:47 pm

    hi Gary,

    i enjoyed perusing your site.

    can you recommend a good breeder of either sarplaninec or caucasian ovcharka?

    …i’m located in canada, but will import from overseas givena credible breeder?


  • Comment from: gary
    02/25/10 @ 03:16:38 am

    Saplanined - Shara Kennel in New York.

    Caucasian - Ruski Izvor in Serbia. Echinus in Poland. in Texas.

    We can chat more about breeders etc on email or phone. Or just go over to or and post in the forum.

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